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Archive for the ‘White House’ Category

Murtha wants to look at impeachment

Posted by Reuben Ingber on April 29, 2007

Rep. John Murtha appeared on Face the Nation this morning and said that he would consider impeachment as a way to handle the Presidents war in Iraq.

“What I’m saying, there’s four ways to influence a president. And one of them’s impeachment,” Murtha, chairman of the House Appropriations defense subcommittee, said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

This comes as the Presidents veto pen will be drawn from its holster this week, when he vetos the war supplemental bill that includes a timetable for withdrawal.

Murtha continued on to say that the Democratic controlled congress would pass another bill once the President vetos the current bill, this one will have series of benchmarks that must be meant and the issue would be looked again.

“If he vetoes this bill, he’s cut off the money. But obviously, we’re going to pass another bill,” Murtha said. “It’s going to have some stringent requirements. … I’d like to look at this again in two months.”

So basically the Democrats have passed a bill, they knew the President would veto–just to prove a point. Now they have another one ready to go that will send them the funding, with benchmarks, a bill which many Republicans support.

What do you think? 


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Should the President explain his veto?

Posted by Reuben Ingber on April 29, 2007

Congressman Dan Burton, R-Indiana, sent a letter Thursday to President Bush asking him to address the public about his threat to veto any act that provides for a timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq.

Rep. Burton, a conservative Republican from Indiana, expressed support for the president’s veto threat, but pressed him to explain the decision to the American public during a prime-time address.

“I believe that I speak for the vast majority of Republicans in Congress,” Burton wrote, “when we say that only you can make the American people understand as well.”

Burton continued by urging Bush to “have a frank and forceful heart-to-heart discussion with America,” about Iraq.

The American public needs to know why the President is going to veto the bill, however it will not impact his approval ratings. The President deserves credit for being steadfast on his position towards Iraq, many politicians would crumble to help the numbers but Bush is not. Maybe that is not the smart thing to do, however people don’t realize the magnitude the issue of setting a date for withdrawal would be. It would create a hiatus in violence in Iraq till we left and then an all out civil war would break out or worse violence would increase and more American soldiers would be lost.

What do you think? 

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Congress sends War Supplemental Bill to the White House

Posted by Reuben Ingber on April 27, 2007

This week the U.S. Congress passed a bill, which the President has vowed to veto. The bill provides the funding for the war in Iraq, however it includes a timetable for withdrawal.

According to the piece of legislation, the withdrawal of U.S. troop would have to begin in October, 2007 and be completed by March, 2008.

The Democrats have pulled a slick political move here, next Tuesday is the anniversary of the “Mission Accomplished” speech President Bush gave about an Naval ship. They know he is going to veto the bill, and are hoping for it to be done on Tuesday.

The Democrats are playing a political game with the lives of our troops, and their families. It needs to STOP now, provide the funding in a patriotic way and figure out a plan to bring them home that does not starve them of the armor and ammunition they need.

What do you think?

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Tony Snow Returning to the White House

Posted by Reuben Ingber on April 26, 2007

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow revealed to CNN he plans to return to his post next week, a month after a cancerous growth was found on his liver.

“I’m expecting to be back Monday,” Snow said in a telephone interview, adding that he only needs one final sign-off from his doctor.

Nobody delivers the White House spin, better then Snow, it will be great to see him back.

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White House Correspondents Dinner

Posted by Reuben Ingber on April 23, 2007

The reported over the weekend:

Sheryl Crow and top presidential adviser Karl Rove got into a heated exchange over global warming at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.

Crow recently joined forces with Hollywood activist Laurie David in the “Stop Global Warming College Tour,” which pretty much is what it says. The duo was seen in a heated conversation with Rove, in an incident which quickly became the evening’s centerpiece of discussion.

An eye-witness recounted what they saw:
“Sheryl and Karl Rove were talking. Karl looked annoyed and she was poking him [angrily]. He started to leave and she pulled on his sleeve and pulled him back. Rove tried to walk away.” Continue reading here.

I think its pretty ridiculous the whole confrontation, the correspondents dinner is a an Oscar-style gathering for Washington, D.C. where political affiliations don’t play a role in seating or discussion. Crowe and Rove need to grow up, besides Rove is out of the picture any way.

What do you think?

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