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Archive for the ‘Uncategorized’ Category

Romney Wins!

Posted by Reuben Ingber on September 25, 2007

In dealing with the speech by President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad of Iran, Mitt Romney comes out on top. Not only has he been the most vocal but he has some background on this. In a radio spot, Romney highlighted the work he did as governor of Massachusetts to stop hate speech by an former Iranian President, Mohammad Khatami.The Radio Spot transcript can be found below;

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of 9/11, Harvard University invited former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami to Boston. The same Mohammad Khatami who has supported the terrorist group Hezbollah, advocates destruction of Israel and stood by while Jews and Christians were persecuted.The Iranian wanted VIP treatment at taxpayer expense. But Governor Mitt Romney said, ‘No.’ Governor Romney called the invitation a ‘disgrace’ and refused to grant Khatami a police escort.Now another Iranian President is visiting America, coming to New York, and Governor Mitt Romney is leading the opposition.”

He has also confronted the United Nations in a way no other Presidential candidate has done thus far. 


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Test 2

Posted by Reuben Ingber on September 23, 2007

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Posted by Reuben Ingber on September 23, 2007


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Posted by Reuben Ingber on September 18, 2007

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

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Romney Fights Iran

Posted by Reuben Ingber on September 17, 2007

Mitt Romney has done something incredible reports the NY Times Caucus Blog. He has written a letter to the United Nations Secretary General, asking him to bar Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinajad from speaking at the U.N. General Assembly this week. As well he asked that the Iranian President be indicted under the Genocide Convention. Here is the text of Mr. Romney’s letter:

To His Excellency Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, With the disturbing news that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmandinejad is planning to address the United Nations General Assembly next week, I call on the United Nations to revoke any invitation to President Ahmadinejad to address the General Assembly. The only way he should be greeted in the United States is with an indictment under the Genocide Convention.The Iranian regime under President Ahmadinejad has spoken openly about wiping Israel off the map, has fueled Hezbollah’s terror campaign in the region and around the world, and defied the world community in its pursuit of nuclear weapons –capabilities that make these threats even more ominous. As General Petraeus testified last week, Iran is also supporting Shia militia extremists and violence that is taking the lives of American soldiers and undermining the Iraqi government.A failure by the United Nations to take a strong stand against Iran’s President Ahmadinejad would be especially disturbing given the United Nations’ record of failure to prevent genocide in other circumstances and the failure of the United Nations Human Rights Council to confront the Iranian regime and others among the world’s worst human rights abusers. Failure to act would mean that the United States must reconsider its level of support and funding for the United Nations as we look to rebuild and revitalize effective international partnerships to meet 21st century threats.If President Ahmadinejad sets foot in the United States, he should be handed an indictment under the Genocide Convention. This approach has been called for by experts as diverse as Nobel Prize Winner Elie Wiesel, human rights advocate and former Canadian Justice Minister Irwin Cotler, U.S. Ambassador John Bolton and law professor Alan Dershowitz.The United States and the world must take a strong stand against the terrorist Iranian regime and the time for action is now.


Sincerely,Mitt Romney


I have to commend Mitt Romney for this outstanding step towards dealing with Iran. I wish more of the candidates would take steps to change the situation with Iran. Rudy Giuliani has said he would do something to deal with the Iranian nuclear threat, but Romney has taken a step to deal with it.  For more on the Iranian Nuclear threat read my article in the Albany Student Press.

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Live Blogging: Republican Presidential Debate 5

Posted by Reuben Ingber on June 6, 2007

  • Tancredo–George W. Bush as a spokesperson–I think maybe a big mistake!
  • Brownback–Pres. Bush’s Role–I would let him take a back seat to be used as the former President Bush is as a fundraiser for disaster relief–Takes a hit a the Clintons, saying their is one President of the US, and that former President Clinton needs to realize he will have a new role in political life–Dinner Parties!
  • Tancredo–Pres. Bush’s Role–I would not use him at all!
  • Giuliani–Pardon Scooter Libby–I would wait for the appeal process, this is an excessive sentence.
  • Brownback–Pardon Scooter Libby–Yes!

Halftime: Now for a break to change stage set up

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Posted by Reuben Ingber on June 4, 2007

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Live Blogging: Democratic Presidential Debate 9

Posted by Reuben Ingber on June 4, 2007

The Democrats are sitting now for a more interactive feel, I continue to dislike the format of this debate!

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Live Blogging: Democratic Presidential Debate 8

Posted by Reuben Ingber on June 3, 2007

Democrats unanimous on bringing an end to the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the U.S. Armed forces.

Sen. John Edwards–Gay Marriage–I don’t think the federal government has a role in what the states, and religious institutions do in term of marriage–In other words he’s against it!–He does say that he thinks we need to create a national level of toleration.

Richardson says--President Clinton should be U.N. Secretary General–Bill Clinton needs to be in the Middle East–Israel is less safe then it was before President Bush.

Sen. Clinton–What would Bill do?–I believe in using former Presidents, when I become President, he will be sent around the world to reach out and make friend and allies–Sounds like first lady to me!

I don’t like the lack of stucture in the debate.

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Live Blogging: Democratic Presidential Debate 6

Posted by Reuben Ingber on June 3, 2007

Sen. Edwards–On Universal Health care--It is great that Democrats are coming out with universal health care plans, in order to pay for it I would get rid of the Tax Cuts for those making over $200,000.

Sen. Obama–Most families want health care but can’t afford it, I want to take on drug companies and health insurance companies.

Gov. Richardson–Health Care–We can create Universal Health care with out raising taxes, yes by sharing–seems a little socialist to me!

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