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Archive for the ‘Mitt Romney’ Category

Iran: Keep Your Options Open

Posted by Reuben Ingber on October 3, 2007

I am not about to say that we should go into Iran today and level the place, however I am going to say it is ridiculous to place any form of restrictions on the options the President has to deal with the Iranian nuclear crisis. The NY SUN blog writes:

Senator Clinton’s announcement yesterday that she plans to support legislation to block President Bush from taking military action against Iran without prior approval from Congress did not sit well with Mitt Romney.   

I personal think that those in Congress supporting legislation like this are trying to fix their “mistake,” when they authorized the Iraq war. In politics you can’t “Monday morning quarterback,” in other words try to fix your mistake. You must move forward and deal with the current situation in a manner that protects the country. Passing legislation that would “block President Bush from taking military action against Iran,” is not the right thing to do. What Congress should do is  work with the President to help defuse the situation as well as await for the President to ask to perform military action in Iran, he did it for Iraq, and he’ll do it again.

President Bush realizes that our armed forces are at a breaking point. In order to go into Iran, a third front in the “war on terror,” we would need to leave someplace else, Iraq or Afghanistan and we can’t do that. I believe the President recognizes this and is attempting to defuse the Iranian Nuclear Crisis, multilaterally through the United Nations with sanctions.What do you think?  


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2nd Republican Debate-Giuliani WINS

Posted by Reuben Ingber on May 16, 2007

Although I enjoyed the feud between McCain and Romney, over each others record and Romneys changing opinions on election years, I really think that Giuliani shined and showed his stuff.

Ron Paul, the 2nd tier candidate, who really isn’t a Republican said“Have you ever read about the reasons they attacked us? They attack us because we’ve been over there. We’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years. We’ve been in the Middle East…”

Such comments raised the antennae of Fox moderator Wendell Goler who asked, “Are you suggesting we invited the 9/11 attack, sir?”

Rudy Giuliani stepped up to the plate and hit the ball over the white fence after this question by interjecting and stopping the debate.

“That’s really an extraordinary statement,” Giuliani observed. “That’s an extraordinary statement, as someone who lived through the attack of September 11, that we invited the attack because we were attacking Iraq. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before, and I’ve heard some pretty absurd explanations for September 11th.”

At that moment Giuliani drew the loudest applause of the night.

Giuliani then drew more applause by asking, as though the two were jousting on the House floor, that Paul “withdraw that comment and tell us that he didn’t really mean that.”

Giuliani really hit it hard, this is a personal issue for him and it would be for any mayor who had to deal with it. “The war on terror is personal to him. He’s not going to sit there and let somebody say that [9/11] was our fault,” said Mike DuHaime in the Spin Room.

In my opinion Rudy came out as the clear victor in last nights debate.

What do you think?–Take our Poll

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Blog The Vote-Romney hates polygomy

Posted by Reuben Ingber on May 11, 2007

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney described the practice of polygamy “awful,” and said he understands that many people find this part of the Mormon religion’s history “troubling,” in an interview set to air Sunday on CBS’s “60 Minutes.” Read the entire article here.

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Blog The Vote- John Edwards is connected!

Posted by Reuben Ingber on May 2, 2007

David All of the David All group has an excellent post on what campaigns should be doing interms of social networking site (e.g. Facebook, MySpace, etc.). In his article he asserts that John Edwards is by far the most connected.

I have never visited the Edwards campaign site, I decided to do some investigating. On the homepage their is a link titles “Social Networks: Connect with the Campaign.” Once clicking the link you are brought to a page with over 20 different links to social networking sites, from YouTube to Flickr to others which I am invesitgating.

Why is this important, cause the campaign has tapped into something that everyone else has but has gone the extra mile. This will be the first presidential election which these websites are going to play an integral role. The website TechPresident is watching how the campaigns are doing according to the sites. Recording the number of friends a candidate on MySpace  or Facebook has, after the election we will see if being “connected,” is how to win an election.

What do you think? 

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Blog The Vote- Romney 1st Campaign Ad

Posted by Reuben Ingber on February 21, 2007

The 60 second advertisement will air in Florida, Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire and South Carolina. Johnathan Martin at the Politico has the full story.

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