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Archive for the ‘House of Representatives’ Category

House Republican tell President Bush that the GOP has had enough

Posted by Reuben Ingber on May 11, 2007

House Republican moderates, in a remarkably blunt White House meeting, warned President Bush this week that his pursuit of the war in is risking the future of the Republican Party and that he cannot count on GOP support for many more months. Read the whole article here.

President Bush has been steadfast in his position on Iraq, we have seen some straying off course over the past 2 days as the President has agreed to establish benchmarks. “One message I have heard from people of both parties is that benchmarks make sense and I agree,” Bush said. The administatrion plans to set up meeting with the Presidents Chief of Staff and members of congress, in order to agree upon a series of benchmarks.

House Republicans are doing the right thing by telling the President their position, like most Americans they are equally tired of the war. As well GOP needs to consider what their actions today will do to impact their 2008 election prospects.


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Republicans and the House of Represenatatives

Posted by Reuben Ingber on May 7, 2007

In 2008 the GOP is setting its sights on regaining control of the House of Represenatatives and making Nancy Pelosi into the new minority leader. An article on the NRCC website explains how they plan on doing it.

They believe they will be able to gain a majority in the House by winning several races in the Northeast.

The NRCC says that the would be alright with wining the House and not the Presidency in 2008.

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Breaking News

Posted by Reuben Ingber on May 2, 2007

House Democrats were unable to garner enough votes to override the Presidents veto, of Iraq Supplemental Bill. Hopefully we will see a cleaner bill the Congressmen Boehner has spoken about today.

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