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On November 7, 2006 as scores of Americans casted their ballots for the 2006 Mid-Term Election, one student Reuben Ingber (Founder and Writer), realized that many students did not actually care or more importantly understand what was going on. As he watched CNN and C-SPAN, awaiting election results from across the nation, he realized that he had the opportunity to start something great. He believed that he was an informed student and he said, “I feel that many students are ill-informed of American politics and in turn are unable to understand what is going on.” He decided he would find a way to start informing students about the issues.

In current American politics there are few ways for the average American to get their voice heard. However Reuben, believes that the new form of grassroots organizing is through utilizing the internet. As election results came in, Reuben created a new blog “its chief purpose is to inform students across the nation about current issues concerning America today, as well as a source of information for the 2008 Presidential election. Founder, Reuben A. Ingber describes blogs as “the modern day grassroots campaign” and he says “this blog is for students and by students. It is open to all students to read and make comments, its goal is to spark Political debate on college campuses across the nation.”.

Informed Students started in November 2006 here, now Informed Students has moved to a new site that is built to be an information gateway for students.

Press Releases

April 27, 2007: Informed Students Press Release–New Website Launch

April 29, 2007: Informed Students Press Release–You Tube Channel Launch

The Writers

Reuben A. Ingber

Reuben is a self described politico and moderate republican. He attends the University at Albany, where he is majoring in political science and journalism. He is the Public Relations Director for the Albany Student Association. Reuben has high hopes and aspirations, he plans to work in Washington, DC as a lobbyist or a political journalist. Read more about him here

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